PSA: C'est Bon Heroically Open Throughout Snowpocalypse

What do the postal service and C’est Bon have in common? Neither rain nor snow can stop them from upholding their constitutional duty.

Tonight, in the face of a “historic and potentially crippling” blizzard, C’est Bon understands that they fall under critical personnel. Harvard’s premier law-abiding liquor store will be open throughout the snowfall, extending their normal business hours for the foreseeable future. How do we know this? We were there ourselves just a few minutes ago.

Massachusetts Governor Charles D. Baker ’79 has declared a state of emergency, and so has C’est Bon. They are currently at code level Rubinoff.

However, C’est Bon not only treats its customers right, but its employees as well. After a long hard day of selling alcohol to College students, they will rest their weary legs at a local hotel and enjoy a fine glass of Andre. Please, support these heroes.


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