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Nine months later, the second episode of “IVY” finally came out. But it was worth the wait.

When “IVY” last left off, the first episode introduced its main characters: five sophomores who are all roommates at Harvard. It was essentially a look into their lives, covering everything from awkward TF meetings, nameless hookups, some drug dealing, concentration interviews, and deep conversations.

Episode Two, titled “Harley,” focuses specifically on (as the title implies) one of the five main characters, Harley, played by Juliana Sass ‘17. This episode continues to showcase the drama of an Ivy League education. And while sometimes, you might find yourself groaning at the over-stereotyped college student, more often than not you might relate to some of the day-to-day life.

For one, it seems to adequately convey the true attitude of a Harvard student.

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And no worries, it also contains just as many awkward moments (read: makeouts) as the first episode.
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This time there's even an incredibly awkward hug (basically reminiscent of one of those unexpected hugs with an acquaintance en route to class)!
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Bonus points for some feminism thrown in there! Even if it’s drunk feminism.
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Most importantly however, it conveys the Harvard angst that the first episode so accurately conveyed.
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I found myself torn between thinking “IVY” is entirely inaccurate but also entirely accurate of Harvard life. No matter your opinion, you might be tearing up a little bit at the end because you realize how corrupt our silly Harvard lives are. But thanks to “IVY,” you can pretend like you’re crying over a television show and not your actual life.

Let’s keep ‘em coming, “IVY.” (Please, please don’t make us wait another nine months. We can’t handle the suspense. As you've depicted, our lives have enough angst. Don’t add to our pile of troubles.)