How Many Tacos Are Too Many Tacos?

Another day, another taco place.
Another day, another taco place. By Olivia A. Nicholls

By the time I graduate Harvard, how many Mexican quick serves will I see open at 83 Mount Auburn Street? In less than a year and a half, the location has supported: Felipe’s Taqueria, The Taco Truck, and now… “El Jefe’s Taqueria”?

The intense allure of this address to taco eateries is unclear, although Flyby has a few ideas. Maybe the Council of Taquerias has declared 83 Mount Auburn the #1 most desirable property, and the secret to success in the taco restaurant world. Hey, after spending some time at 83, Felipe’s was able to move into an expanded space, complete with a rooftop bar. Or perhaps it’s a battle of turf warfare, with various taco restaurant alliances competing for control of Harvard Square.

Stay tuned to see how El Jefe's fares…

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