be there be declared paperless post
Paperless Posts are so fancy.
Unless you live under a rock– or should we say, are *above* the Harvard social scene - you might have noticed by now that email invites for Friday or Saturday night parties are a way of life. As the saying goes (read: no saying goes like this), the nicer the invite, the more *exclusive* the event. The most special email of them all? A Paperless Post invite, of course.

Perhaps grasping this important concept of a sparkly, seemingly personalized message for viewing and subsequent attendance, the Harvard Social Committee for the Class of 2018 sent out invitations via Paperless Post for their declaring-concentration event on Monday: “Be There. Be Declared.” Besides the flashy invite that reminds students that they will have to confront the helpful and fun my.harvard tool by the end of the week, the event promises to be a fun one: there will be a waffle bar, desserts, “free swag,” and a photo booth that will allow you to look like you actually go out sometimes.

Sophomores, long removed from the joys of the Berg, will be allowed to return for one night only as they celebrate the choice that will define the rest of their lives. There’s even an event hashtag, #IDeclare2015, so that you can utilize all the social media outlets to alert your friends of your continued attendance at Harvard and your ability to choose your major. Congrats, sophomores, you’re on the brink of achieving what every college student in America achieves. We at Flyby couldn’t be prouder.