boardplus kyle soda
Kyle poses with her Diet Coke– a dynamic duo indeed.
We've gathered our staff together and racked our brains for the best things to use your BoardPlus on. If you are one of the lucky, lucky few who still has BoardPlus left, you are very welcome for our sage advice coming ahead in this series. If you unfortunately have maxed out on your BoardPlus for the semester (we feel you), Crimson Cash? Flyby presents you with the second installment of our series:

Greenhouse Cafe, Or, How I Ran Out of BoardPlus In September

I may not take any classes in the Science Center, but that doesn’t keep me from stopping by every day. Honestly, I think I spend more time in the Science Center now than I did when I actually had lectures there. My favorite part of the Science Center is Greenhouse Cafe (with being bombarded by pamphleteers coming in as a close second).

Some people may say there are fancier, hipper, more aesthetically pleasing places to spend your precious BoardPlus, and that might be true, but Greenhouse is my go-to BoardPlus stop regardless (or, that is, was, because I ran out so early in the semester). My Tuesday-Thursday schedule means I can’t get back to Lowell for lunch until 1 p.m., so I always go to Greenhouse for a mid-morning pick-me-up to take to my philosophy lecture.

The best thing about Greenhouse is that they have Diet Coke. Unlike all of the artsy cafes around campus, Greenhouse gives the people (me) what they want (so much diet coke). I’m not a coffee person, so this is my alternate source of caffeine, and I don’t know how places like Lamcaf or Barker Center Cafe think I can make it through any class or study session without it. There’s even this great deal where you can get 2 pieces of pizza, and add a large drink for only 79 cents, whoo.

Until other places on campus have Diet Coke, I will choose to spend my BoardPlus only at Greenhouse. That being said, I ran out over a month ago, so no one is particularly incentivized to cater to my wishes with respect to BoardPlus. If you have Boardplus you don’t plan on spending, meet me at Greenhouse– I can help you with that.