Radiate: The Harvard-Yale Tinder

Tailgaters enjoy food and alcohol in U-Hauls parked outside of the Yale Bowl.
Tailgaters enjoy food and alcohol in U-Hauls parked outside of the Yale Bowl. By C.C. Gong

Harvard-Yale is the one chance that students here have to be normal college students. By now, you have hopefully begun thinking about how you might actually transport yourself to Yale, whether or not you might need a place to stay, and the possibility of freezing because of rainy weather during the game. All you’re missing is love– specifically, love in the form of a hot Yalie who is in need of consolation following a brutal football defeat. Fortunately, Flyby has a solution.

The social app Radiate is a combination of Tinder and Twitter for events ranging from music festivals to NYC nightlife to college parties. To spice up your weekend, download the app on your phone and join the “Harvard-Yale” event.

Step One: Edit your profile
Radiate automatically creates your profile by connecting to Facebook and using your first five profile pictures. To ensure high success rate, Flyby suggests that you check your profile before you start to swipe. No one wants to see that awkward profile picture from 2011, and if you’re looking for a significant other donning blue, it might be risky for all your photos to feature Harvard attire.

Step Two: Swipe it up
This is by far the most delicate part of the process. Swiping right a fellow Harvard student or a past TF can be awkward. Look out for the over-filtered and dark pictures, the intense half-face selfies (what does the other half of their face look like?), and group photos.

It’s not surprising that the Harvard-Yale Tinder is predominately composed of “the partiers” and “the nerds”. While those who party pose with tight dresses or suits, one or two friends, and a solo cup, the intellectuals’ profiles resemble the Common Application, with pictures that highlight their academic accomplishments and recreational interests. Pick a side, and start to swipe.

Step Three: Start the Conversation
It’s always exciting when you finally find an attractive and normal person who is also interested in you. To make sure you don’t scare them off, start with a simple “heyyy”. Feel free to use emojis here and there to be cute, but don’t over-do them or you may come off as #basic.

People attend Harvard-Yale for a variety of reasons, occasionally to watch football, but most often to socialize with friends both new and old. Finding love in the form of a hookup may not be your top priority this weekend, but if it is, Radiate just must have the solution for you.

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