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Harvard-Yale Drinks

​On fateful day of November 21st, we shall all march down and trod on the uncivilized swamp of Connecticut. Our hearts are filled with pride, our spirit pumped, and our livers conditioned to produced enough ADH enzymes to last for several hours. Here at Flyby, we have carefully mixed a few drinks to get you through the weekend.

Overheard at The Game 2014: Wizard’s Chess, Obama, and Yale Mooning Everyone

One thing I’ve learned here is that when people talk about “The Game,” they’re not necessarily referring to The Actual Game of American Football Between Harvard And Yale. Most of the time, “The Game” actually means tailgate antics, half-time pranks, and ridiculously hilarious signs.

Yalies Are Terrified of Sam Clark

Last year, On Harvard Time surprised Yale with a wildly successful YouTube prank appropriately titled “Harvard Tours Yale.” This year, vigilante Yalies were not so unsuspecting.

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