Five Weird Facebook Events For a Harvard Student

In the past few weeks, Facebook users around the country have found themselves invited to dozens of weird events. Their popularity is clearly growing as approximately 4,000 people have already said they are going (not really of course) to “lying in bed and cryin to Adele and feeling bad 4 urself” on December 31st at the time of this post. I was already invited to “turn into the mitochondria and become the powerhouse of the cell” earlier this week. The trend has only gained strength as we head into reading period a nd finals. To aid in your procrastination efforts, here are some Harvard Facebook events that Harvard students could attend.

Harvard Square Turkey Now Has Facebook Following

​For those worrying that Canadian Thanksgiving had finally meant doom for Harvard’s most beloved celebrity, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The turkey is still waddling around Cambridge with the same self-absorbed independence that has made students fall in love. But now its infamy has spread from the exclusive email lists of Dunster House to Facebook.

Hovertrax Attax

​In the world of personal transportation, evolution is inevitable. Tricycles to bicycles, roller skates to rollerblades, horse-drawn carriages to the latest model Ferrari. Some modes of transportation, however, are destined for evolutionary failure. Call it Darwinism, call it harsh, call it the truth. Segways are one of these modes of transportation.

VP v. VP: Biden v. Goffard Comparisons

When he gave a speech on Thursday, United States Vice President Joe Biden could relate to Undergraduate Council Vice President Sietse K. Goffard ’15. But how much do they really have in common?

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