Currier House
If one day of Halloween is just not enough for you, you might have found yourself on the shuttle to the quad this past weekend to relive the glory at Currier’s annual Heaven & Hell party, this year held a week after Halloween. Even if you didn’t manage to make the shuttle, however, Flyby is here to offer its take on the night’s event:

Currier featured a long roped-off line beginning inside the double doors and stretching around the side of the building. The outside area was well-regulated by a mix of HUPD and Securitas (not an exclusively-Harvard security company FYI) to keep an eye on the heathens spilling out of the party. Once inside, Harvard IDs were checked and everyone paid $2 before they were filed into Hell, located in the Currier Treehouse.

Even if you wanted to party in a more godly environment (where you might think you rightfully belong), you had to enter Hell first and then cross the party to get to the Stairway to Heaven, located in the Ten-Man suite on the second floor. Most students opted to stay downstairs in Hell, which was much better suited for a larger crowd (also very telling). The Currier Lobby acted as a makeshift Purgatory, with Crimson EMS waiting patiently to revive the souls (and stomachs) of any sinners who might have let the libations flow a bit too freely.

Hell played mostly club remixes of pop songs, with an occasional rap song sprinkled in here or there for the better dancers of the crowd. From what I could gather from the few fleeting moments I spent in Heaven, the music selection was around the same, verging more on the techno side.

Although Heaven & Hell was advertised as a post-Halloween Halloween party, most students rolled through dressed in regular clothing. A few notable exceptions included someone dressed up in a full Snow White costume, a Waldo, and a few animal ears here and there for an extra creative touch. Perhaps not as wild as previous events have been, Heaven & Hell was still an interesting experience– for freshmen, at least now you’ve seen the quad?