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<p>You’ve probably heard talk about the incestuous parties that take place in Kirkland House around the holidays, but have you ever stopped to think how a community could get close enough to condone such a thing? Part of the reason might be that Kirkland is rich with spirit and tradition, creating some of the biggest connections inside of one of the smallest Houses. </p>

How to Succeed on GroupMe

The GroupMe app has grown in popularity as one of the primary ways for people connect when they don’t have/don’t want each other’s numbers. Most of us are a part of at least one GroupMe thread, either for a social organization, a collection of p-set buddies, or maybe just their group of friends. Flyby is here to provide you with a guide to be the best contributor to your GroupMe, effectively feeding your ego and providing you with a sense of validation.

New and Improved Annenberg

Although being away for winter break can be a fun, much needed time of relaxation, many people are excited to come back to the familiarity that is Harvard. While most students are met with the same old same old of their routine, the class of 2019 was welcomed back to campus with the pleasant surprise of a new and improved Annenberg. Annenberg’s new facelift includes several improvements and we’re here to walk you through them.