Update: Raven Wants to Come to Harvard

Raven's tweet
Raven's tweet

By Caie C. Kelley

To all the Raven fans out there: Raven wants to come to Harvard, in fact she “would love to.” In response to Flyby’s article about the Bring Raven Symone to Harvard University Facebook page (yes, that exists), Raven tweeted on Friday that she would love to come visit, and she even hashtagged The Crimson (#wemade it, #famous). While nothing has been determined yet, Flyby is currently working to make this a reality! Follow us and stay updated, so we can all finally say “That’s *so* Raven” and mean it.

P.S. Raven, you should definitely wear the iconic Cheetah Girls tracksuit that every pre-teen girl wanted for her birthday.

P.P.S. There's a hashtag called #raventakesharvard. You know what to do.

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