flyby spring break

It's #sb2k15, and while some people are living it up to make their spring breaks one for the memories, others are basking in the glory of those people's vacations through social media. Here are the different types of FOMO's (fear of missing out) you might be experiencing if you're a part of the latter half spending your time away scrolling through Instagram:

The Vitamin D FOMO
We're all flooded with Facebook photos of our friends soaking up the sun in swimsuits, surrounded by other inebriated college students in Cabo, PV, or anywhere else where it's #sunsoutgunsout. They also keep taking pictures with sand, palm trees, and beaches, while the closest you came to that was at #HarvardOasis. 

The Traveling FOMO
Some of your friends are traveling the world right now, traversing through the depths of different continents while you're traversing through the depths of your fridge and Netflix. What's even worse is when many of these friends are going on these trips for little to no cost thanks to student organizations they're involved in, making you curse your lack of extracurricular foresight. 

The Resume-Building FOMO
While some are off vacationing, other friends are filling you in on all of the interviews they have scheduled for this week for prospective summer internships. Meanwhile, you're still waiting with fingers crossed for that #blessed email that someone somewhere has faith in your professional skills and wants you in for an interview.

The Friendship FOMO
To be honest, you're happy to be home in your own bed, with home-made food, and away from the Harvard bubble for a week. Buuuut, when your friend group is off doing some sort of group activity over spring break that you decided not to partake in, you can't help but feel a little jealous of all the bonding, inside jokes, and throwbacks to the trip people will have upon coming back to school. And the worst offense of all– when all your friends cover photo a group picture from something you weren't a part of. Ugh.