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By Hyemi Park

New semester, new you! Here’s how a few people on Harvard Crushes and isawyouharvard decided to start off their New Year’s resolution of #baewatch2k15:

Harvard Crushes

“[J.C.], sorry for being so awkward. I only apologies because I cannot believe how I end up being a total mess when I am with you. I am shy, but I make it totally obvious that I fancy you. I shake and tremble not only because I like you, but because I don't know what words to share with you. If only I could read minds. You are so wonderful and amazing. I am not sure if you'd even like to be liked, wanted, or loved. I will end with this. You are like art and to tell you the truth, I love art.”

Harvard Crushes addressee, you need to find this person, and your first date should be at the Harvard Art Museum.

“[J.W.]: I love you but can you shave please?”

Love hath some bounds, apparently. Shave bro, or none for you, bye.

“evelynn hammonds,
dayummmmmmmm grrrrrrllllllllll
-ur future bae”

#thats(now)illegalhere #sorrymyfriend #continuethebaewatch

“Dear Princeton,
I know I'm stuck with Harvard, but I really like you.”

Don’t sell yourself short, kiddo. Harvard is the gold standard.


“I saw you... self. The primary reason I'm here is to increase my value on the marriage market. What is wrong with me?!”

Hey, some people go to college for a B.A., and others go for the B.A. and M.R. or M.R.S.

“I saw you... strange boy jumping around in the quad lawn snow. C'mon dude, you got work to do”

Join him in the snow for a study break! Everyone needs a stress relief, jeez.

“I saw you... looking all cute :)”

Aww, stop it. You’re making me blush!

“I saw you... giving bread to a homeless man. :')”

:’). Keep doing you. :').

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