Puerto What? Puerto Lowell.

If you’re looking for a free trip to Puerto Rico, you might find it in the Lowell House Dining Hall this Friday night. 400 students are expected to attend Lowell’s “Puerto Lowell” party on April 17th in the hopes of winning the raffle for a free trip with a friend to Puerto Rico, and a lavish night at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Juan.

The agenda for the party is as follows: Show up at the door at 9:30 pm, watch Hassan and Balliett draw the lucky ticket at 12:30 am, then, if you’re lucky enough to have bought the winning ticket, get on a plane with a friend headed for San Juan early that Saturday morning.

The lucky winner and his or her guest will earn one night, all expenses paid, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Juan. Alas, twenty-four hours later, the lucky travelers will return on a pre-paid flight back to Cambridge on Sunday evening.

According to Hassan and Balliett, the event’s organizers got the idea to host Puerto Lowell after hearing about Lowell throwing a similar event in the 1980s. Since no other house, to their knowledge, has replicated this model, they expect it to be very popular, even hoping to make a profit from the event.

Although there’s a very slim chance of winning the trip (it’s higher if you go with a friend who promises to take you if they win), the party is expected to be incredibly popular.

As Hassan said, “it’s the Ritz in San Juan, it doesn’t get better than that.”

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