Shake Shack

Calling all Shake Shack-loving Harvard students! So apparently the Harvard Square Shake Shack has some awesome promotions to help broke college students save money!

What is the promotion?
Harvard students will receive 15% off their purchases (er, does that include the Shake Shack apparel as well? We’re not quite sure.) As long as you show your Harvard student ID at checkout, the 15% discount will save you around $1.22 for an order of a Shack burger and fries!

How long will the promotion last? AKA can I still get the discount if I’m too busy hosting prefrosh to go this weekend?
The 15% discount will last until closing time Monday, May 11th!

Any other cool promos from Shake Shack that I don’t know about?
The Harvard Square Shack Shack also offers Quizzo Trivia nights every Thursday from 7-9 p.m. on the 2nd floor. Discounts and trivia? Count us in.