PSA: VES Open Studios on Friday

Carpenter Center
Carpenter Center

Classes have finally ended, and now we’re all basking in the glory of reading period, aka the most unstructured time you’ll have at Harvard.  Since minimal reading actually gets done during “reading” period, consider taking time out of your formal-hopping or your busy schedule of wasting time on Facebook to check out the VES Open Studios!

The reception is Friday May 1 from 5-7 p.m., but the exhibition will remain open in the Carpenter Center until May 28.  The theme of the Senior Thesis Exhibition component of the event is “The Distribution of Parts,” since it seeks to explore different sources of artistic inspiration and “hybridity” as an “integrated factor of contemporary life.”  Stop by if you want to soak up some culture before your Friday night festivities of crushing your pong opponents, or crushing your final papers.

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