The New CVS Next Door: A Review

A new 24-hour CVS store is now open at 6 JFK St. and is located a little more than 300 feet away from another CVS storefront at 1426 Mass Ave.
A new 24-hour CVS store is now open at 6 JFK St. and is located a little more than 300 feet away from another CVS storefront at 1426 Mass Ave.

Harvard Square boasts a variety of shops– from an Urban Outfitters to the only Curious George store in existence. And if it wasn’t enough, not one but two CVSs. While the one at JFK Street is slated to close, the historical landmark next to the Bank of America now faces competition from its new brother located next to the T stop Starbucks. Flyby has investigated the new establishment to inform you about the new, the good, and the bad about this new CVS.

The New
Space: No longer do you have to feel like you are stuck in the stacks of Widener when you enter a CVS. There is ample for space for you and your horde of famished friends to grab whatever snack or drink pleases your eye. Feel free to frolic through the aisles at whatever time you want while stocking for your next all-nighter.

The View: Tired of the view from the second floor of the Starbucks? Come right to the second story level of the new CVS! Grab yourself a chair from the pharmacy waiting line and place it right by the window and boom you’ve just found yourself a new study spot. As long as nobody complains, you ought to be just fine.

Supplies, supplies, supplies: After a while, getting your everyday student needs at the Coop or Staples can get a bit heavy on your budget. Fear not student, the new CVS has everything you desire. From a wide assortment of pens and highlighters and random office supplies, the new CVS has you covered.

The Good
Location: Gone are the days where you needed to wait for that darn traffic light on Mass. Ave. to get to your original CVS. It’s dangerous to cross the streets– the new CVS not only supplies you with your everyday needs but values your safety, talk about commitment.

The Bad
R.I.P Self-checkouts: The fatal flaw of the new CVS is the absence of the self-checkout. I like going at my own pace and hearing the lovely automatic voice speak to me gently in English (and Spanish as well). The feeling of placing my purchased material in the plastic bags grants me an ephemeral satisfaction of maturity and responsibility that I can’t get in college. Please CVS, bring it back!

It’s been a good ride, old CVS. You will always have a special place in my heart, especially with the ways you allowed me to pack my own bags, but alas we must move on. It’s not you, it’s me...and also everything that is new and good about the new CVS.

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