2015: The Hottest Year On Record Drops Follow-Up Album “Winter in Cambridge 2016”

By Matthew D Moellman

Unless your only source of news for the month of January has been the series of less-than-science-grounded Republican debates, you've probably heard that 2015 was the hottest year on record on Earth. This might be tough to wrap your head around. With a record-breaking 108 inches of snow piling up in Massachusetts and 15 Hot Freshmen nowhere to be found (sorry Class of 2018), the Harvard bubble felt more like the Harvard snow globe.

In all seriousness, global climate change is no laughing matter. Thankfully, all 50 Environmental Science & Public Policy concentrators are fully invested in the cause of addressing these pressing issues. They may even be joined in the future by some fraction of the Economics concentrators who "are trying out consulting at McKinsey before discovering their true passions."

Meanwhile, climate change has led to some dramatic differences at school. Harvard’s campus is virtually unrecognizable. Students are walking between classes wearing sweaters instead of parkas, shoes instead of snow boots, and smiles instead of ski masks. Even many of the Canada Geese have flown home for the winter. What many feared would be yet another semester of relentless snow and cold has proven an unseasonably mild but welcome surprise. While some may celebrate Christmas in July, we’re currently celebrating Summer in January. High temperatures next week are forecast to reach the mid-50s with no chance of snow in sight, according to local weather reports.

If you’re currently dealing with the post-Shopping Week blues, take advantage of the nice weather. Get out there and run along the Charles River like you promised yourself you would every day during freshman year. Go explore Boston before the p-sets and readings pile up. You’ve dealt with a lot worse, so enjoy it. You never know what February might bring.

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