Valentine’s Day Plans for Singles

By Gregory B. Johnston

Chances are you just remembered that it's almost Valentine’s Day, and what you want more than anything is a significant other (unless you're one of the lucky few that's somehow managed to land a girlfriend/boyfriend in this barren land). However after coming to realize that that just won't be feasibly attained in the next week, your next best option is to throw a melty, dirty snowball at a happy couple. I mean come on, if you can't have love why should they.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is an awful holiday used to exploit those in relationships and depress those who are not, but there are ways to make it (slightly) less painful for singles.

Treat yourself

Go shopping with your friends, or alone if your credit card is your only real friend these days. If you think about it, you can spend all the money you would have had to spend on your significant other on yourself now. Because really, who deserves all your love more than you do? Buy yourself all the chocolate and flowers in the world because if you don't chances are no one else will.

Go out with your friends

Get all dressed up and show everyone that you are strong and happily independent. Your grandma will always love you, and will probably send you money inside of a romantic Valentine's Day card, so really who else could you ever need in your life? But really, who wants to pay three times as much for a dozen roses when you can get three dozen roses for the same price on the 15th. Contrary to popular belief, fancy candlelit dinner for one does in fact taste just as good as fancy candlelit dinner for two. Wear all the new things you just maxed out your bank account buying and let everyone know that unlike them, you are more excited for a Monday off from classes than for Valentine’s Day.

Stay in with your friends

Order in or have a cooking night and take advantage of this great excuse to drink a ton of wine. If you tend to be more self-deprecating, watch The Notebook. Plan to buy each other gifts so you can each still feel special and celebrate the relationships that are probably going to outlive most of the couples out on dates.

Lana did say that the world was made for two, but that doesn't mean that all the singles out there can't find happiness in their own way. That being said, we here at Flyby with you better luck next year.

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