Now that we’re all back from #SB2K16, the cold reality of Boston has hit us once again. And we're not talking about the snow, we're referring to Housing Day results.

I couldn’t help but notice that some freshmen were absolutely devastated when they got #quadded. If you’re one of the few freshmen who got Currier, Cabot, or Pfoho and are wondering how to break the news to your parents, don’t worry. Flyby’s got you covered. As a seasoned Currier tree-ling, let me enlighten you with the wonders of the Quad.

Want to shed the freshman 15 you gained last semester? But you don’t have time to go to those zumba sessions at the MAC? Look no further than the Quad. You won’t be spending all your money or gorging yourself with greasy food at the Kong or Tasty at 4 a.m.

But that doesn’t mean there are no restaurants near the Quad. There are a few hidden gems (and even a Starbucks) on Mass Ave and near Porter Square. A bonus is that these restaurants are cheaper than Harvard Square; your parents will most definitely be happy to hear that.

A common chant among Quad Houses during dorm storm is “more singles more sex.” Quad Houses indeed have more singles, resulting in the majority of sophomores getting singles. When calling your parents though, maybe focus more on how much studying you will get done without a roommate to distract you.

Besides the rooming, you can brag to your parents about the new facilities such as the dance center right across Garden street, the QRAC where you can finally #getbig, and the SOCH with its cool study spaces.

There’s a reason why the Harvard Shuttle is packed on Friday and Saturday nights. Every weekend, there’s always multiple parties throwing down in either Currier’s Tenman or Solarium, Cabot’s Aquarium, or Pfoho’s Belltower or Igloo. No more wandering around the streets of Mt. Auburn.

Another bonus is that you do not have to go to Lamont Cafe anymore as a quadling. Cabot Cafe is a hip late night cafe with your essential coffee, tea, and steaming mugs. Most nights people gather to crank out some work. But some nights, there are concerts by bands like the Lighthouse Keepers with free drinks. Could life get any better?

If coffee isn’t your thing, the Quad Grille, located in Pfoho is another cool spot for late night munchies and games. Their milkshakes, mozzarella sticks and chicken wraps are a staple. While waiting for your food, you can play a game of ping pong or pool or lounge in front of the TV catching the latest March Madness game.

Not convinced yet? Still think the Quad is just a faraway land of exile? I can’t guarantee to sway all your parents, but just remember: You didn’t choose the quadlife. The quadlife chose you.