Here Comes the Sun

By Christine E Mansour

Prepare yourselves. We’re about to experience a HEAT WAVE. Sort of. On Wednesday, local meteorologists forecast the temperature will reach over 70 degrees Fahrenheit (That’s 294 Kelvin for everyone taking Physical Sciences 1 and 11 and not tryna fail). That’s right. In between Sunday and Wednesday we will have experienced 40 degrees of variation in temperature. So what should you do to prepare for this miraculous (yet knowing Cambridge, probably short-lived) event? Flyby’s got you covered.


First, you should definitely take advantage of this weather to break out some of those spring/summer clothes that have been gathering dust under your bed. Even if you don’t feel bold enough to throw on a pair of shorts, definitely break out those t-shirts, tank tops, and dresses. Carpe diem the heck out of this opportunity.

Be Outside (Please Get Some Sunshine)

Yes, you may still have midterms, but there’s no better time to start on glowing skin than the day before Housing Day when you may have to show it off if tasked with donning nothing but a speedo and charging the Yard. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful sun. Go sit on the steps of Memorial Church or bring a blanket and sit on the lawn in the Yard. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could make a trek down to the Charles and find a spot to sit on Weeks Bridge and watch the river flow by, much like you feel your GPA may be doing right now. In any case, the opportunities are endless.


Ice cream. No one can judge you on Wednesday for eating ice cream by the pint (or everyone, because it sounds like it’s going to be a great day to jump start your summer body). So grab onto that survey HUHS just sent out which offers you a $5 J.P. Licks card in return, and eat all the ice cream (jk, $5 gets you pretty much three bites from J. P. Licks) you want in the blissful knowledge that no one (read: everyone) will give you weird looks, free of charge.

The Environment

Okay, but let’s be real. The weather this winter has been uncomfortably nice. As we enjoy the first 70 degree day of 2016, we can’t help but knowing that the Arctic is melting at a record pace. Not to be a downer, but we should probably do something about that, like summoning the ESPP concentrators to do what they do best. So take the time to turn off the lights when you’re not using them and make the effort to walk two feet farther and throw your paper in the recycling bin instead of the trash. Perhaps you might even consider shortening your 40 minute shower routine to 20 minutes.

Whatever your plans are on Wednesday, enjoy the beautiful day and rejoice that there will only be two more days left until Spring Break.

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