Flyby Investigates BerryGate; Which Berry Are You?

By Jason K. Thong

After the uproar surrounding UC funding and berries (#BerryGate), Flyby thought it was essential to create a quiz that determines what berry is most representative of your personality. Because at the end of the day, berries are no laughing matter.

It’s Friday night. Where are you?

A) A huge dance party, surrounded by your 25 closest friends.
B) A sleepover with your 2 best friends.
C) Tagging along with whoever you happened to see before you left school.
D) Writing on your anonymous blog that hates on people from school.
E) Initiating phase 2 of your plan for world destruction.

You see someone drops $10. What do you do?

A) Pick it up and rush after them to return it. While you’re at it, get their name so you can hang out with them this weekend #MakingNewFriends.
B) Pick it up and hand it back to the person who dropped it.
C) You don’t even notice the $10 on the ground.
D) Pick it up and give it back to the person, but while they thank you, steal the rest of their wallet.
E) Keep the $10 and use it to buy drugs which you then bake into brownies and hand out to kids at a park.

What’s your ideal date?

A) Anything’s fine as long as I get to be with my SO
B) Chilling at home while you make dinner and watch a movie.
C) Speed dating. Why tie yourself down to one person?
D) Somewhere really expensive so you get a quality meal out of them before you break their heart and leave them.
E) You can’t stand people let alone the thought of dating them.

Someone insults you. How do you react?

A) Laugh it off and be friends. Life’s too short to hold grudges.
B) If it’s someone you don’t know, take them to task. If it’s your bestie, let them know you’re insulted, but don’t sweat it.
C) No one knows you well enough to actually insult you.
D) Don’t react, but 2 weeks later get them back.
E) Go completely ballistic and create a huge scene.

You’re at a bar. What are you drinking?

A) I’m already on the dance floor sober, I don’t need a drink
B) I’m more of a wine and cheese kind of person
C) Whatever I get handed
D) Jungle juice
E) Straight vodka

What’s your strongest quality?

A) Friendliness
B) Loyalty
C) Carefreeness
D) Manipulation
E) I don’t care about anyone else which leaves me free to do anything I want

Where’s your dream home?

A) Surrounded by my loved ones
B) A small suburban neighborhood
C) I don’t see myself settling down
D) An apartment in Manhattan
E) A damp, dark cave

What’s your favorite subject at school?

A) Recess
B) Calculus
C) Quantum physics
D) Philosophy
E) Organic chemistry

Now take a look back at which letter you picked the most:

Strawberry (A): You're friends with everyone. You’re a very versatile person and fit into a ton of different kinds of situations. You compliment others very well. (Fun fact: Scientifically, strawberries aren’t “berries.” They’re accessory fruits. But we at Flyby like them so much that they’re on this quiz anyway.)

Blackberry (B): People that don't know you might find you to be kind of horrible, but to the few people you’re close to, you're loyal forever, and they can always count on you to be there for them.

Banana (C): You don't really fit in anywhere. You're the kid that has everyone going, "She doesn't even go here." Your role in friend groups is really ambiguous. But everyone still thinks you’re cool.

Cranberry (D): People think you’re sweet, but that’s because you cover up your bitter and sour personality with a sugary façade. Once you get down to the core, all that’s left is cynicism.

Deadly nightshade (E): You're just an awful person. You're poisonous to people around you, and literally kill any and all chance of relationships with others. It would be best if you existed in isolation.

Yours Botanically,

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