Earlier this month, Harvard College Admissions and Financial Aid brought their communications game to a whole new level. Forget Facebook. Forget Twitter. Forget Instagram. Meet DiscoverHarvard, the College’s recently announced Snapchat handle, and surely its trendiest social media ventures to date.

Featuring Snaps from different student coordinators each day, the account provides a refreshingly personal and interactive view of campus life. Posts include everything from a video of dining hall food captioned “eat ur veggies” to a Snapsterpiece (a “Snapchat masterpiece” for the uninitiated) announcing an upcoming Q&A; session in which questions can be submitted via Snapchat’s messaging feature and will be answered in videos.

The account aims to give prospective students a sneak peek of Harvard life, but we like to think DiscoverHarvard does not appeal exclusively to future students. It is summer after all, meaning many of us are currently not at school ourselves. Feeling a little homesick for Harvard? Don’t be embarrassed, just quietly add DiscoverHarvard and you can easily get your daily fix of student life in Cambridge.

According to the digital communications team behind DiscoverHarvard, Snaps from the account are getting over 2,000 views (no pressure to the students featured on the account). Regardless, given our undoubted enthusiasm about both Harvard and Snapchat, we’re sure DiscoverHarvard will be on our best friends list in no time.