Cabot Dining Hall

We know you Riverhouse folk can’t go more than 5 minutes without sh*tting on the Quad, but hear us out. Cabot D-Hall is actually a pretty great place to study.

There are smaller rooms you can sit in if you need to, but past 8 p.m. Cabot D-Hall isn’t really poppin’. Yeah, there are some groups of people studying/watching Netflix/chatting quietly, but it’s not super busy. Yours truly had a table all to herself. Granted, during reading period/midterms/exams, this probably won’t last. But from 8:30 p.m.-3 a.m., it’s a mostly quiet place to work. And they have food.

Speaking of food, @frosh, there’s no swipe, so you can just waltz on in and have the usual selection of bagels and bread, or you can get fancy and have some pita bread, hummus, or whatever else they have out without having to worry about being turned away.

My favorite part about Cabot D-Hall? How bright and cheery it was. People were genuinely excited to bump into each other (no, not literally, no one is ever literally excited to bump into someone in a d-hall… unless it’s your crush ;) ). Also, two people dropped off about a dozen cupcakes and just left them. Someone else brought half a bundt cake. Cabot is a place of shared food. Perfect for moochers.

So here’s the skinny of it. Cabot D-Hall has a lot of pep (see: Dean Khurana hosted a Christmas tree decorating party for the tree in the D-Hall*), but is actually a pretty nice place to study. Just beware: your butt will go numb after sitting on the wooden chairs for a few hours, and there is a vacuum that will come around midnight and make noise that will devour the world.

*Please note: Christmas decorations not included year-round