Steve Aoki's Yardfest Performance
Yardfest headliner Steve Aoki entertains the crowd of students and guests Sunday.
Now that the Yardfest headliner has been announced, anxiety about whether the annual event is happening has hopefully dissolved. In the absence of those doubts, the most important thing you should be worrying about right now is how to reach the optimal level of litness come Friday. We've compiled some beginner's tips to help make Yardfest amazing:

Have your schedule clear

Imagine realizing you have a pset due in 20 minutes while you are grinding on a random bro-tank dude (spoiler alert: it’s not pretty). Finish your work in advance unless you want to listen to Tiësto through Lamont's walls.

Don’t get too lit

Although party hopping is the most fun part of the day, too many amateurs end up missing out on the concert itself. Pace yourself unless you want to experience Yardfest only through your friends’ snaps or, worse, at UHS.

Wear something simple

No matter how much you want to channel the Coachella boho glam style, please wear something you will not regret ruining. Between the HUDS buffet, dirt, mud, and some other questionable stains, your cute outfit might not survive the night. And don’t forget to protect your toes from crazy moshing kids by wearing closed-toe shoes. You will thank us later.

Prepare for the social media frenzy

Charge your phone so that you can Snapchat, Instagram and tweet the day (and night) away. If you’re not planning on attending, temporarily delete all social apps to prevent the biggest FOMO in your life.

Steve Aoki's Selfie
Steve Aoki grabbed Crimson photographer Ryosuke Takashima’s camera to snap a quick selfie during Aoki’s 2016 Yardfest performance.

Don’t make everyone hate you

Elbowing your way to the front, yelling “I love you” to the artist or even trying to climb up the stage is seriously not cool even if you’re Tiësto’s biggest fan. You might not remember your rudeness the next day, but we will. You may even get a Dude, That's Rude post written about you.

Take our advice but don’t worry too much—Yardfest is supposed to be messy. No matter what you do, there’s still a chance that you’ll wake up in fetal position at 2 p.m. the next day. Embrace the upcoming wildness and leave a glass—er, jug—of water near your bed, just in case.