If you’re living under a rock this summer, we suggest you find something a little bit more durable. You may need it, and this playlist, in the days to come.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump escalated a conflict with North Korea Tuesday by telling the country its provocations would be “met with fire and fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before.” The sort of clap-back you wish you could tell the professor who assigns a midterm on Housing Day.

They were unscripted comments, prompted by threats from the country earlier in the day from North Korea that it “ruthlessly take strategic measures involving physical actions” in the wake of U.N. Security Council sanctions.

We know, intense, right? So things aren’t exactly looking up for the world right now. We’re not one to assign homework, but we’re also not one to explain the intricacies of nuclear conflict, so read this cover piece from The Atlantic to get up to speed:

In the meantime, do what any average American does in times of crisis: listen to some kickass music to match the drama of the day. We present Flyby’s “The End is Nigh” playlist, because if we’re going out, we might as well go out with some sweet background music.

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