On Campus Jobs for the Grade-A Procrastinator

Work behind the bar at the Cambridge Queenshead for wings and tips.
Work behind the bar at the Cambridge Queenshead for wings and tips. By Victoria L Bartlett

If you somehow managed to sleep through the Opening Days Job Activity Fair, or are simply in denial about the fact that your mom will no longer support your Boba addiction, here are several on-campus jobs that you can still apply for as a major procrastinator.

The Sit at a Desk and Pretend to Study Job

Coveted by students, these “I-get-paid-to-study” jobs are where it’s at. Hit up Common Spaces at the Smith Campus Center for a low-key desk job where you can make up to $15 an hour chatting with security guards and occasionally helping to carry a stack of chairs or two. Swiping IDs at the MAC or Hemingway is also a sure way to kill three birds with one stone: studying, making $$$, and you get to make eye contact with that cute athlete you’ve been admiring from afar. Win-win-win.

The Hot Bartender Job

Have you always wanted to go home each night smelling like beer or burnt coffee grounds? Were you dazzled by College Humor’s “Baristas are the Ultimate Male Fantasy” video? Consider becoming a barista or bartender! If working at LamCaf or Barker is too *cliche*, try hitting up Pavement Coffeehouse or Blackbird Donuts in the Smith Center for a more low-key job. Check out the Cambridge Queen’s Head if you’re looking to join a cool group of students who basically get paid to socialize and eat wings on Friday nights. Hint: you make tips.

The Stacks Job

Perhaps the most isolated of the bunch, this is for all you Lamonsters who basically live at the library. Why not get paid for it? Shelving books may be tedious, but it gives you the chance to belt out High School Musical lyrics where no one has to suffer from your perfect pitch, or listen to that one podcast everyone hates but you secretly like. Walking around the stacks also helps you get in your steps for the day (and keeps your mom off your back). And hey, you might even be able to knock out that infamous item on the good ‘ol Harvard Bucket List and get paid to do it.

If you’re worried you’re becoming too much like the checking-your-bank-account meme, consider picking up one of these on-campus jobs. Or just tell yourself you will. I mean, once a procrastinator always a procrastinator, right?

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