Climbing Wall Moved to the Quad
The Quad climbing wall is a metaphor for The Climb that is getting to the Quad.

Maybe you live there. Maybe it’s Friday night and your friends think it’s a good idea to check out the Cabot Aquarium (spoiler alert: it’s probably not). Maybe you just want to pet the Pfoho guinea pigs. Everybody needs to go to the Quad sometimes, and the most difficult part isn’t figuring out the shuttle schedule — it’s gathering sufficient motivation to make the arduous trek. Here are a couple ways to get yourself out the door.

A trip to the Quad counts as exercise

Forget a trip to the MAC, the easiest way to get your steps in is a walk to the Quad. Though you might not technically get swole, a trip to the Quad and back is pretty much a revival of your FOP trip, minus the GORP and trowel. Plus, you can brag about your new student-athlete status in the dhall later.

See it as a cultural experience

Sure, a research trip to Madagascar is cool, but the Quad is practically a foreign country, right? Spend the long weekend outside of the Harvard bubble by walking from one part of the campus to another and briefly entering the real world. Bonus points if you get hit by a car while crossing Mass Ave.

Spend some time there and see everything the Quad has to offer

Stop for a cup of coffee in the Cabot Café or some mozzarella sticks in the Quad Grille. Check out the garden, take in the wide open lawn and visit that one friend who got quadded and has been missing ever since. Maybe the Quad isn’t so bad. And if you never leave, you’ll never have to walk to the Quad again. So maybe the best way to motivate yourself is to…

Get Quadded

The most reliable way to get the motivation to get to the Quad is to actually live there. You can tell everybody that it’s “not that bad” and that the Quad has a super tight-knit community, or you can do the smart thing and find a River Daddy.

Be it because of Kuumba rehearsal, a class in the Dance center or just an accident, a trip to the Quad is inevitable. If you haven’t been yet this year, take a trip to the less well-trodden part of Harvard’s campus.