Happy Valentine’s season, and welcome to yet another holiday that has manufacturers everywhere vying for your money. We’re getting close, so whether you’ve got a significant other that you haven’t quite figured out a present for yet, a Galentine’s Day date who you need to splurge on, or if you’re just looking to treat yourself for making it through the season of love alone, Flyby suggests some gifts, all of which are available in Harvard Square.

$10 and Under

Black Ink sells some very aesthetic temporary tattoos that just happen to come in packs of two, so you and your S.O. can get tatted together. Whether you’re scared of commitment ink-wise or relationship-wise, these tattoos are sure to do the trick. $5.50

Mozart Loves Chocolate
Mozart was great, chocolates are great. You're buying the chocolates, so you must also be great? When your crush asks your logic, cite the transitive property.
Classical music? Romantic. Chocolate? Romantic. Classical music chocolate? Double romantic. Pick up some Mozart-themed chocolates at Cardullo's and instantly upgrade from that bag of chocolate kisses you were planning on getting from CVS. $9.99

Horror Stories of Love
We all have our fair share of dating horror stories.
Single and wishing you were more ready to mingle? The Urban Outfitters basement has got you covered with The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex, or, as the back helpfully explains, Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down! Honestly, it’s on clearance, so unless you’re ultra-confident in your relationship status (Hello?? Anyone out there??) you might want to go pick up a copy. $9.99

$15 and Under

What could be more appropriate for Valentine's day than some brand spanking new rubbers? Black Ink sells a D.I.Y eraser kit, with 12 different colors of moldable rubber that you shape and bake. Will your homemade rubbers be as effective as conventional ones? Sounds like the perfect thing to find out together. $12.95

Looking to spice things up a bit this Valentine's day? Grab Come As You Aren’t from Papyrus, described as a “role-playing game for adventurous couples.” Just make sure everyone’s on board before gifting this, or the big reveal could be more awkward than romantic. $14.99

For the smart but witty Valentine, the Harvard Bookstore has got you covered with The Subtext Collection of 24 Literary Postcards. While the name is terribly boring, the postcards themselves feature pieces of prominent literary works such as Romeo and Juliet (romance!) and The Raven (definitely not romance), and highlight certain letters to spell out phrases such as “hell no,” “sup bro,” and “nailed it.” $14.99

$25 and Under

Trying to add some tipsy to your Galentines plans? Pick up Prosecco Pong from Urban Outfitters. It comes with everything but the prosecco (sad, we know), and helpfully outlines the three steps to playing Prosecco Pong, just in case you were hazy on how the whole thing works like we are. $25.00

Prosecco Pong
We can't give you pointers on how to play the game, but we can tell you that it looks dope. If your S.O. does not like it, feel free to forward it to us.

If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate for Valentine's day, head to LUSH, where you will certainly be accosted by no less than three different employees all trying to convince you to buy random stuff. Standouts include the Tender Is The Night massage bar ($15.95), marketed as an “intoxicating” scent “for a sensual massage” and the Sex Bomb bath bomb ($7.95), if you’re lucky enough to have access to a bathtub.

Getting the feeling that your Valentine's date would much rather receive a consulting internship than anything you could give them? Head to Papyrus for the next best thing, a corporate-ish looking nameplate reading “Lover, Not a Fighter.” What does it really mean? Who knows, but it will surely sit on their fancy future desk for years to come. $19.95

We always hear that experiences are more valuable than material things, but we also all know that your S.O. wouldn’t be so happy if you told them that their Valentine's Day gift was getting to spend quality time with you. However, you can remedy this dilemma by heading to The Games We Play and picking out a board or card game so that you two can throw it back to an era before Netflix and chill. With games such as Chocolate Fix ($21.00), Bang! ($23.50), and Noodlers ($14.00), you’re sure to find something exciting.