Burdick's Valentine's Day
Yes, you should be trying to make your S.O.'s day every day, but February 14th is the one day you definitely can’t afford to mess up. As Valentine’s Day creeps up and #couplegoals rises up the Trending list, the pressure to plan the best date is on. No idea how to spend the day with your significant other? Sick of settling for El Jefe’s outings? We've got your back with these potential date ideas for you and your boo.

Ice Skating

Take advantage of the snowy, picturesque weather and head to Frog Pond for ice skating. A much needed break from campus, ice skating is one of the few reasons below freezing temperatures can actually be a good thing. If neither of you know how to ice skate, then this idea is a must. Nothing says "happy couple" like falling on your butts together.

Bougie Meals

Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to escape unseasoned dining hall food and treat yourselves. Consider venturing out into new options, or splurge on the lavish restaurants that you always walked past with a pang in your heart and your wallet. Some particularly romantic enclaves in the Square include Beat Brassiere, Temple Bar, and Grafton Street.

Explore Boston

Be honest with yourself: When’s the last time you left the vicinity of campus and actually gone into the city? Extracurricular obligations don’t count. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to explore new sights together, whether it’s strolling down Newbury Street, chasing squirrels in Boston Common, or wandering through the bustling streets of Chinatown.

Domestic Dates

For 364 days of the year, Harvard may seem like a bleak prison chaining our souls until the death of our livelihoods, but make February 14th an exception by planning a cozier date on campus. Not all dates have to be extravagant. Go the dorky route and film a cooking show episode together or marathon all of Teen Titans Go. The world is your oyster.

In truth, Valentine’s Day can be spent any way you want, as long as you and your S.O. are spending it together. After all, whether it’s the love of your life, your best friends, or your mirror, this day is less about what you do than it is about who you’re with.