For a bunch of CS nerds, we have to applaud the HCS for their humorous content on this year's Datamatch survey. We don't think the laughs should be restricted only to Datamatch users, so we give you: Best of Datamatch 2k18.

We're saddened by how many Harvard students we expect to take full advantage of this feature.

Lamcaf Quesiton
We always knew the sole reason for frequenting LamCaf was to flirt (looking at you, freshmen).

Crimson Question
And if you haven't been in the Crimson, that's a sign you should comp Flyby.

Pick Up Lines
The only thing better than a strong LinkedIn presence is having a River Daddy.

Bitcoin Datamatch
What if we told you that people care about your love life almost as little as they care about Bitcoin?

So get out there, get Datamatching, and prove us all wrong: Love does exist at Harvard.