Dear Freshmen: Bucket List from Upperclassmen Who Can’t Be On Campus

By Margot E. Shang

Zoom has replaced classrooms and social gatherings, but freshmen can still have many safe and memorable moments in Cambridge. Here are a few tips from Flyby to make the most out of your fall semester!

Stargaze on the Quad lawn.

With the weather starting to get chilly, grab one of the last opportunities to be able to stay outside for more than ten minutes at a time. This is a great activity to experience both solo and with a friend. If lying on the grass in the dark in the fall weather is still too unbearable for you, then wait for a sunny afternoon, lay out a jacket, and bask in the sun.

Catch a sunrise on the Weeks Bridge.

We’re so lucky to have the Charles River in our backyard, and it’s especially gorgeous when the sun starts to peek out for the day. The Weeks Bridge is a prime spot to not only get the perfect Instagram photo but also to simply enjoy nature. However, if the thought of waking up at 6 a.m. sounds absolutely atrocious, the sunset is just as stunning.

Get takeout at a Harvard Square restaurant you have never tried before.

Not only is it good to have non-dhall food every once in a while, but many upperclassmen are also begging you to keep their beloved eating places in business. Order a Hawaiian ahi classic from Pokéworks, taste the crispy salted pepper shrimp from Hong Kong, or devour a Mexican bowl from El Jefe’s. The food scene in Cambridge is pretty diverse, so grab a buddy or two and search for your new favorite restaurant.

Study at a graduate school.

Whether it is in the front lawn of the Harvard Law School Library or Harvard Business School, step out of your suite and get some assignments done at a graduate school. They are peaceful, beautiful places to be productive, and maybe they’ll be your new go-to study spot. Another perk is that you’ll have a smaller chance of running into someone you know, because as much as you love catching up with your peers, you gotta turn that pset in.

Try clam chowder from Quincy Market.

One of the best things about living in the greater Boston area is that almost every location is accessible by public transportation, and Quincy Market is no exception. Quincy Market is a seemingly endless hallway of palatable options, but of all the different kinds of food they have to offer, there is nothing like a classic New England clam chowder. While you’re there, shop around at the stores and street vendor carts too.

Take photos.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Whether your phone captures the changing colors of the leaves in Harvard Yard or your suitemate eating Doritos while laughing at 2 a.m., years from now you will cherish these snapshots. Bonus points if you send them to your family.

While upperclassmen are not physically on campus to pave the way, we hope that Flyby has provided you with a start. Challenge the people in your entryway to see how many people can complete this checklist!

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