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How to Spend Your Quarantine On-Campus

The topic of COVID-19 has been hotter than any summer heat wave, especially because states have implemented strict quarantine rules upon arrival. If you are spending the fall semester on campus, here are a few useful things to do to pass time in quarantine fruitfully.

What To Pack: Coronavirus-Specific Edition

You’ve completed your COVID-19 training, compiled a list of courses to take this semester (kind of?), and hauled out your suitcase from the back of your closet. Aside from the usual things to bring, however, the current season demands a few precautionary items. Here are five extra commodities to bring with your favorite pair of jeans that you’ve worn since the tenth grade! Don’t bring any “I Took CS-50” shirts. Please, the world begs you.

How To: Get Ready for Virtual Shopping Week

Shopping week — five days of excitement for new classes, vigor from a restful summer break, and nervousness from the overwhelming course catalog. This is the first time that shopping week will be held online before the start of the semester, so here are a few tips from Flyby to make the most out of it. Extra points if you proudly wear your pajamas and eat breakfast in front of the entire class!

Zoom Fitness Challenge

Feeling remorseful about not hitting the gym more often on campus? Think a good workout might improve your mood while you’re stuck at home? Sign in to your Zoom lecture, turn off your video camera, and get on your feet to try this workout challenge!