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Do you get tired of seeing the same old backgrounds every class? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. To spice up your Zoom calls, explore some new locations to Zoom from.

Widener Steps

Since the Widener Library steps seem to be the new hangout spot for those on campus, why not Zoom from there instead of your dorm room? Though it is starting to get a little chilly as winter approaches, its beauty makes up for the cold. And as an iconic campus location, it’ll give people who aren’t around a bit of a nostalgic glance at Harvard. So, zip up your jacket and haul yourself over to those steps.


Bring Zoom to the nearest playground near you. Maybe even bring your family, pets, or friends and play some socially distanced tag during those awkward 15 minutes in between classes. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to relive your childhood memories, especially if you’re Zooming from home.

El Jefe's vs. Felipe’s

Settle (or spark up) the El Jefe’s vs. Felipe’s debate by showing everyone in your Ec10 class where you stand on this important question. And, no, this is definitely not a means of justification for eating out again. But, yes do get a burrito or quesadilla while you’re at it. (Use a Zoom background if you can’t access these sacred locations.)

John Harvard Statue

Forget about sitting on one of those colorful $700 chairs in the yard when you can sit on John Harvard himself. Get a nice panoramic view of the entire yard while also feeling like a true intellectual. It’ll also serve as great practice for when you decide to complete one of the Harvard traditions. (For those on campus, please do not actually try this.)

Under the Table

You swear that it’s not lecture that you dread going to; it's having to sit at the same desk and chair every. single. day. And, don’t worry, we believe you. Even the chair is starting to look a little worn out. Time to bring Zoom to, drum roll please, under the table! Repurpose your desk as a fort, and suddenly, there's a new, fresh feel to it. The best part: being at your desk, but also not really being there.


Unable to go outside? Not a problem. Bring Zoom (and your blankets) to the bathtub. It’ll not only be a good change in scenery, but will also keep everyone guessing where you are. Do not underestimate the power of bathtubs; it may even be just as comfortable as your bed.

The Zoom burnout is real. We all want to change up our normal backgrounds and get off of the office chairs that have been giving us back problems. Let us know if you do decide to try one of these locations, and more importantly, be sure to wear a mask and socially distance!

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