Love it or Hate it: Sweetgreen

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Love it: Health is Wealth – Janani Sekar

Think you don’t like salad? Well, think again. Since my first time trying the chain, Sweetgreen has transformed my life and my outlook on healthy eating. I was expecting an unappetizing mixture of leaves, but what I got was a bowl of healthy greens, rice, and protein: the true definition of perfection.

With choices of both warm bowls and cold salads, Sweetgreen has something for just about everyone. There are a variety of different flavors and options, such as the curry chickpea bowl or the spicy Thai salad. And for those of us who refuse to be confined by a menu, Sweetgreen even has the option to build your own salad that speaks to your cravings.

My true love for Sweetgreen, however, comes down to salad dressing. After weeks of eating boring HUDS ranch and honey mustard, Sweetgreen’s fancy dressing options are much appreciated. I am a personal fan of the spicy cashew, which somehow managed to convince me that kale isn’t gross.

Yes, I will admit that Sweetgreen is on the pricier end, but the quantity of food in every order makes up for it. With a bowl full of salad plus a slice of bread, every meal I buy at Sweetgreen lasts for both lunch and dinner. While it may not be sustainable for everyone to drop $12 on salad every day, Sweetgreen is worth a try at least once in your life. Just remember, you’ll be eating food that both tastes good and is good for you!

Hate it: Overpriced Lettuce – Anna M. Peters

$10.95 plus tax for a bowl of mixed leaves, a few pieces of chicken, a few apples, toasted almonds, and cheese. While the supposed health benefits of eating a Sweetgreen salad for lunch may seem tempting, is it really worth paying that much? Consider that $10.95 is one of their mid-range priced salads — many of Sweetgreen’s salads cost as much as $12.95. Now, think of how many loads of laundry you could do, or actually being able to afford printing your readings and psets. Truly, a wild concept.

Also, has anyone noticed that no matter what time you go to Sweetgreen, there’s always a line? The seven-minute minimum wait seems to be inescapable. It’s almost as if Sweetgreen doesn’t understand that we are all on a tight schedule with no time to waste — all we want to do is order some food and leave. Sure, we could order on the app and have it ready to be picked up when we arrive. But the true “thrill” of the experience, i.e., hand-picking the ingredients you want tossed in, is gone.

If you still have that Sweetgreen craving of yours, recreate it at the dhall. We understand that you may not all be the biggest fan of dining hall food, but toss some lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, beets, chicken, quinoa, and cheese together. There you have it — a Sweetgreen salad for no cost, a solution for a broke college student.

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