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Virtual Visitas Bingo

Visitas may be online yet again this year, but that doesn't mean you can't still have the iconic Harvard experience you've been waiting for eagerly! Sure, it may all be online, but there's plenty of essential experiences you can hit to get your time at Harvard started on the right foot.

Flyby Smells: Uniquely Harvard Scents

There's a lot of things we miss about Harvard... including, honestly, the smells. Whether you're feeling scent-imental for Harvard smells or have never stepped foot on campus and just want to ~feel like you're really there~, we'll take you through a truly nose-talgic journey.

Flyby Investigates: Grocery Stores Near Campus

Disclaimer: There are many grocery stores in the great city of Cambridge and if your favorite one didn’t make this round up, we really mean no harm. Since Flyby is all about #lifehacks, here’s a list of stores you can hit up in under 10 minutes — whether it’s by walk, shuttle, T, or delivery!

What’s Your Harvard Love Language?

With Valentine's Day coming up quick, you might be looking to do some ~self-reflection~. What better way to do so than to figure out what your Harvard love language may be? You might not actually be receiving any Jefe's dates or Canada Goose jackets anytime soon, but at least you'll be ready for that next quarantine fling!

Why We Declared The Most Popular Concentrations at Harvard

Sure, the semester is online, but that didn’t stop sophomores from having to declare their concentrations mid-November. Picking what to study can range from easy-as-Thanksgiving-pie to difficult-difficult-lemon-difficult, so here’s some perspective from folks at Flyby who decided they wanted to be part of the two most popular concentrations at Harvard.

How to: Pack in a Pan(dem)ic

If you’re living on campus this semester and recently learned that good old Harvard wants to yeet you out of your room in two weeks, we feel your pain. We really do. But fear not, because Flyby’s got you covered with these elite tips to improve your packing game. So forget about your stress and consider your life: hacked.

2020 Is One Big Spooky Season

With everything that's already happened in 2020, it's hard to believe it's only October. Don't let the Halloween candy fool you, Spooky Season isn't just getting's been here for a while now. Which (hopefully) means it's almost over. Even the scariest horror movies have nothing on the things we've seen this year. Take a walk through this maze to see if you can make it out!