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Recreate HUDS Dishes: Brunch Edition

While psets and long Zoom lectures are in our futures, HUDS brunches unfortunately aren't — for those of us not on campus, at least. We decided to bring our favorites to you at home in Part Two of our Recreate HUDS Dishes series.

How To: Turn Over a New Leaf for a Productive Semester

Let’s admit it — going virtual last spring was tough. Without having to leave your bed for class, walk downstairs to the dining hall for a meal, or clean your suite up to keep your blockmates happy, it’s possible that you slipped up a little bit on your daily routine. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’re nervous about picking things back up for the fall, check out these tips for how to turn over a new leaf and be productive again this semester!

Iconic Harvard Meals to Look Forward to

Just like every other Harvard student, you probably love to hate on the food in the dining halls. And we don’t blame you — it’s pretty easy to complain about HUDS’s beef stroganoff, seitan, and lack of on-brand cereal. But admit it: A few weeks away from campus, and even you are missing some of Harvard’s most iconic meals. We’re here to remind you what you have to look forward to dining-wise when we all get back to Cambridge.

How to Celebrate Your Birthday in Self-Isolation

From celebrating with your blockmates to surprising a friend in their dorm room, birthdays in college are one of a kind. While the full Harvard birthday experience might not be possible in quarantine, there’s no reason you shouldn’t celebrate.

Quiz: Which Harvard Laptop Sticker Are You?

As a Harvard student, the stickers on your laptop say a lot about you and your interests. Maybe your laptop has no stickers, maybe it’s got a couple of neatly arranged ones, and maybe it’s covered in an overlapping mess of stickers. In any case, if you’ve been thinking about what sticker to add next, find out which kind describes you best.

Housing Market 2020: Dunster

If you love late nights at the grille, roasting goats (technically a petting zoo now!), and morning runs along the Charles (yay fitness!), then there’s no question that you would love this iconic house on the river.

Flyby Tries: Raising Hand in Lecture Every Day

With a looming and quietly intimidating professor at the front of the room, and what seems like every single student at Harvard crammed into a lecture hall behind you, talking in class can be daunting. This week for Flyby Tries, we decided to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone by raising our hand in lecture every single day.

What Does Your Organizing Method Say About You?

From online calendars to whiteboard calendars to the teeny planners that fit in your pocket, there’s an organizer for everyone out there. Whatever your organizing method of choice may be, here’s what it says about you.