Tag Yourself: Which Canvas Site Are You?

By Kirstin E. Anderson

As Fall semester approaches and the search for courses begins, you may notice how different each professor’s canvas site is. Do not underestimate how much a Canvas site can reveal. Take this quiz to find out which Canvas site you are.

Are you ready for the school year to start?

A. Absolutely!

B. Ugh.

C. I’ve been ready.

D. The school year is starting?

Do you know what classes you’ll be shopping during virtual shopping week?

A. I’m not entirely sure yet, but I know all the course requirements for my concentration, secondary, and citation. So, yeah, I guess I do have a general idea of what I’m shopping.

B. HAHHAH. I’m sorry, but who do you think I am?

C. Oh, yes I’ve known for months now.

D. Maybe, maybe not? We will find out.

What are you looking forward to this semester?

A. Being able to use my school supplies again, going to class, psetting with friends, and so much more.

B. The end.

C. All the sleep I’ll be getting because of how strategically I’ve curated my schedule

D. To finally figure out what is going on right now.

What will you miss the most about being on campus?

A. Late night study session in Lamont, in-person office hours, and basically everything.

B. Getting Insomnia cookies at 3 a.m.

C. Getting my morning coffee at Tatte.

D. Running along the Charles River and being able to see the leaves change colors are an extremely close tie.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

A. Widener Library.

B. Berg.

C. Barker Center.

D. One of the $700 chairs in the Yard.


Mostly A’s: The fully organized Canvas site with one too many informational videos and a detailed calendar laying out the entire semester.

You are more than ready to get back on that school grind. You’ve started browsing for courses the minute the 2020-2021 course catalog was published and know that 3,592 page doc from beginning to end. There are probably seven or eight courses in your Crimson Cart, even though you’re fairly certain of the four courses you will be taking. This is secretly your favorite time of the year and you will not let online courses ruin it.

Mostly B’s: “Warning! This Canvas Course has not been published yet.”

This Canvas site probably describes your life better than you can describe it yourself. You either have absolutely no clue on what courses to take or have at least 10 courses you’re planning to shop and have absolutely no idea which of the 10 to take. Regardless, you have no idea what to do and all your decision-making seems to go in a never-ending spiral. The HarvardKey site going under maintenance isn’t the only difficulty you’re running into.

Mostly C’s: Old syllabus, old lecture slides, old course calendar…

You’ve been looking at courses to take this fall since Fall 2017. You know exactly which courses are gems, and which courses secretly fulfill the distribution and GenEd requirements. You’ve gone so far back that some of the courses you’ve looked at aren’t even offered anymore. However, you will not put your years of hard work to waste and are determined to construct the chillest schedule. You will not be taking any risks with new classes. Low risk, high reward is the way to go.

Mostly D’s: The Canvas site with only one tab that’s labeled, “Home.”

Can’t find the syllabus for this course? Can’t find the times of this course’s informational sessions during shopping week? Can’t find the zoom link for lectures? You tell yourself that you’re ~slowly~ getting ready for the semester, but you still can’t find the course catalog for this school year. Completely clueless, yet, surprisingly, not worried. Maybe you’re just going with the flow.

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