shopping week

Silver Linings for Your Virtual Shopping Week

Shopping week is virtual? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with some ways to recognize the hidden Zoom ~blessings~ that surround us all.

How to Recreate the Panic of Shopping Week

Shopping week usually instills a sense of chaos reminding us that school is back, and there’s no reason that can’t be true this year. During this pandemic, we’re all craving a sense of normalcy. Use this guide to help continue your shopping week traditions from years past.

Quiz: Does Your Professor Care About You?

Here is a quick test to see if the class you’re looking at reflects a caring, supportive professor who can soothe your soul during the trials and tribulations presented by an online Fall 2020.

Tag Yourself: Which Canvas Site Are You?

As Fall semester approaches and the search for courses begins, you may notice how different each professor’s canvas site is. Do not underestimate how much a Canvas site can reveal. Take this quiz to find out which Canvas site you are.

How To: Get Ready for Virtual Shopping Week

Shopping week — five days of excitement for new classes, vigor from a restful summer break, and nervousness from the overwhelming course catalog. This is the first time that shopping week will be held online before the start of the semester, so here are a few tips from Flyby to make the most out of it. Extra points if you proudly wear your pajamas and eat breakfast in front of the entire class!

Large GenEd Course during Shopping Week

During shopping week, students are free to attend any lecture that piques their interest, often leading to overcrowding. After the novel coronavirus outbreak, exceeding occupancies of lecture halls may be a potential concern.

First Day of Shopping Week

Harvard Extension School class Physics I: Mechanics, Elasticity, Fluids, and Diffusion taught by Anna M. Klales meets in Science Center Hall B Tuesday, the first day of shopping week.

Shopping Week To Stay — For Now

The Faculty also sparred over and ultimately approved a proposed Quantitative Reasoning with Data requirement for the General Education program. Students beginning with the Class of 2023 must now take a class that allows them to “think critically about data.”

Faculty to Vote on Overhauling Alcohol Policy in Student Handbook

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will review proposed updates to the College Student Handbook — including an overhaul of the College’s policies on drug and alcohol use — and decide the fate of “shopping week” at its last meeting of the semester Tuesday.

Faculty Debates Proposals to Implement Data Requirement, Establish Biotech Degree

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences debated proposals to implement a new data requirement for the General Education program, establish a new biotechnology degree, and study course registration changes at its monthly meeting Tuesday.

Faculty to Consider Proposals to Retain Shopping Week, Establish Biotechnology Business Degree

The Faculty will debate a proposal to retain shopping week until at least 2022 at its monthly meeting Tuesday, likely setting up a vote before the semester ends. The proposed legislation would establish a standing committee to review shopping week and course registration more broadly.

Faculty Council Approves Proposal to Retain Shopping Week

The Faculty Council voted to endorse a proposal to retain “shopping week” until at least 2022 at its biweekly meeting Wednesday. The committee publicly released its report Wednesday, outlining what they viewed as key benefits of the current system as well as changes that could eliminate the drawbacks of that system.

Faculty Course Registration Committee Proposes Keeping Shopping Week Until At Least 2022

The faculty committee tasked with recommending changes to undergraduate course registration proposed that the Faculty of Arts and Sciences keep “shopping week” until at least 2022 at the Faculty Council’s biweekly meeting Wednesday.

FAS Council Ponders 'In-Between' Resolution to Shopping Week Debate

Members of the Faculty Council considered potential “in-between” resolutions to the ongoing debate over shopping week. Council member David L. Howell estimated that the full faculty may not hear and vote upon a formal proposal on the subject for more than a year.

Students Battle Packed Classes and Malfunctioning ‘my.harvard’ with Start of Spring Semester

Throughout the day, students had to contend with overflowing classrooms and the sudden malfunctioning of “my.harvard.”

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