How to: Make Connections with Your Professor Online

By Crimson News Staff

While Harvard is fully online this year, establishing rapport with professors is still an essential aspect of the college academic experience. But what do you do when you cannot pop in spontaneously to in-person during office hours anymore? Don’t worry, Flyby has you covered with some insightful tips on how to create meaningful connections with your instructors through a computer screen.

Office Hours: Virtual, But Still Functional

Sure, maybe you can’t wow them with your in-person aura anymore, but that doesn’t mean you should skip their online office hours. Try to show up every week, and don’t be afraid to talk about topics beyond the classroom. Even better, you don’t have to trudge for 15 minutes through the Cambridge streets to show up!

Classroom Participation

It’s never easy to speak up in front of the whole class, but the students who do will stick in the professor’s mind, especially if they do it consistently. Thanks to the Zoom format, you will feel a lot less pressure while voicing an insightful comment or a thought-provoking question during the class session.

Unique Backgrounds

While your thoughts and conversations will be the most enticing for your professor, there’s no reason not to bring in some visual prowess and spice up your Zoom background. A bright student with a unique sense of style? Double points.

Send Memes in Your Emails

This depends on your instructor’s sense of humor, but if you sense a meme spirit in them, go for it. Think about how many boring, “I hope this email finds you well” emails professors get from their students every day. Drop a customized meme that relates to a course quirk or trend, and you will definitely receive some appreciation along the way.

So, don’t despair! Whether you’re trying to secure that solid recommendation letter or make a new friend, don’t be afraid to use the full range and potential of an online education to build a strong relationship with your professors.

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