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Coming into sophomore year, I was extremely excited for house life and all the new experiences that would follow (intramural sports!). However, with the beginning-of-the-year craziness, I never got around to using my “over the normal limit of athleticness” to rack up points for Pfoho.

That all changed when I resolved to attend a volleyball B game (volley B, if you will).

The first step was to recruit others to come with me, which proved to be a more difficult task than anticipated. One friend went so far as to say, “there is quite literally nothing I’d rather do less than intramural volleyball right now.” I respected her honesty, though I was disappointed in her lack of Pfoho fervor (Pfervor, if I may). In the end, I successfully convinced one (one!) friend to join. June, you’re a trooper.

The next step was deciding what to wear, which also proved to be a more difficult task than anticipated. The struggle mainly stemmed from the fact that I had no idea how legit this operation was. While I assumed intramural volleyball B, the lowest of the low, would be pretty chill, chill at Harvard is often actively not chill. Athletic shirt or tank top? Athletic shoes or air forces? Tracksuits for warm-up?? Sweatbands????

After deciding on an outfit, my friend and I headed to the QRAC. Once we found the court and identified which team was ours (I vote jerseys for next year), the vibes were great.

Until the game actually started, and I had the first serve. (I almost passed out from fear and had to serve underhand). Luckily, Pfoho had one active cheerleader: my mom. Yes, my mom, who was visiting for the week, attended my volleyball B game. It was a great thing too because we definitely, desperately needed a cheerleader, heckler, referee, and photographer. And maybe it was my mom’s cheering (or the undercover club volleyball player) that led us to victory. All I know is that it certainly wasn’t my spikes.

Overall, intramural volleyball B was a fun break from psetting and a great way to meet more people in my house. There was a wide range of attire and ability, and everyone was extremely welcoming. I had tons of fun, saw some Cabot friends (and crushed them), and put on athletic clothes for the first time in weeks. I would certainly recommend, unless you are playing Pfoho, in which case, do not come. We need the forfeit points.

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