Pforzheimer House

By Yuen Ting Chow and Madison A. Shirazi
It’s true that we don’t see Quadlings very often. But only because they’re probably  living a pfanastic life in Pforzheimer House and never want to leave! From high teas with faculty deans, S’mores nights, the Quad Grille, and the notorious Igloo, Pfoho is home to community and amenities unlike any other house at Harvard. We guarantee that if you’re pfortunate enough to get sorted into Pfoho, you’ll call its two-story Dhall home in no time!
By Namira Mehedi

By Yuen Ting Chow and Madison A. Shirazi

Quirks and Perks

If there’s any house that knows how to build a strong and tight-knit community, it’s Pforzheimer House (lovingly called Pfoho, for short)! House pride is huge in Pfoho — from the residents’ overuse of ‘pf’ puns wherever possible (it's their secret to building pfamily), to the serious application process just to wear one of ten polar bear suits while swarming the yard on Housing Day. Given how warm and uncomfortable it is inside a polar bear suit, the commitment is respectable, and is a metaphor for the warmth of the Pfoho community.

There are also countless amenities and events for residents to look forward to, such as the relaxation Spfa and workout Pfojo, to weekend trips for dog sledding and snow tubing. For those of us looking to pass the time, Pfoho’s Arcade and Pfart Studio provide a space to mindlessly play games or paint a masterpiece. And for the days where you just need a little bit of quiet, you can hide away in Pfoho’s mini oasis, the faculty row courtyard. Even on a normal day, Pfoho’s common spaces are always full of students— there's never a silent moment in the JCR or the famous double decker Dhall. It's common for students to simply sit there and talk for hours.

Some of the best memories residents have made are through Pfoho centered events. Both HoCo co-chairs, KayLeigh B. Noblin’23 and Rebecca M. Hayes ’23, say one of their favorite memories is Camp Pfoho, a retreat where incoming sophomores have the opportunity to meet people in the house and go swimming and canoeing. Furthermore, Noblin and Hayes agree that Pfaculty Deans Anne Harrington and John Durant go above and beyond to plan Pfoho-specific events. Some of their most iconic events include Pfoho High Tea where residents come together for fancy tea and pastries, and the Hygge — a fireside event with warm apple cider donuts. Pfoho even has doggy office hours with Piper, the Pfaculty dean’s loveable dog, and Bluely, who is “a super cute australian shepherd” and Hayes’s favorite puppy.

All About Housing

The best thing about Quad housing is you’ll have more room for yourself than you can possibly imagine. Noblin can confirm that Pfoho’s housing is pretty ideal — sophomores are very very likely to get n + 1 housing, which is a rare commodity in other houses. Essentially, you are likely to be living in a suite with one more room than the number of residents present!

In Pfoho your personal space is highly valued. The house is made up of 5 main buildings — from Comstock, Holmes, Moors, Wolbach, and the Jordans, an apartment complex. With housing in the form of hallway style singles to apartment style duplexes, there is a range of rooms available depending on how many people you want to live with. You can even opt for suites that include a (gAsP) personal kitchen!

If the n+1 housing isn’t enough, the most infamous room in Pfoho is the Belltower Suite, which has four singles, a common room, and an attached kitchen. The Belltower is so high in demand that it has its own lottery, but if you’re lucky enough to snag this suite as a senior, you’ll have a coveted party space like no other.

The housing is just a small part of what makes Pfoho so special, and if you do end up in this beautiful house right in the center of the Quad lawn, we know you’ll be a proud polar bear!

Your Questions Answered

What is something you would want a first-year to know about your House?

RH: The distance isn’t always a bad thing. You will genuinely love it.

KN: There is a common fear with freshmen surrounding the quad but they all just pale in comparison to the life you live when you actually are here.

What makes Pfoho so special?

KN: The community, everyone is invested here — everyone is rooting for you, from faculty deans to the peer tutors trying to make it a social and inclusive space for you.

Describe Pfoho in three words?

RH: Pfeels like home

What side of TikTok would your house be on?

KN: Niche memes that everyone enjoys.

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