Allison G. Lee

Allison G. Lee '21 is the Multimedia Comp Director of the 146th guard.

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Radcliffe Yard

Harvard Chan School and Radcliffe Institute professor Sara N. Bleich and University of California at Irvine Associate Professor Sabrina A. Strings discussed obesity and the COVID-19 pandemic at a Radcliffe-sponsored event Tuesday.

‘A Recipe for Instability’ As Multiple Harvard Unions to Seek Contracts Amid Pandemic

In the midst of a global pandemic, Harvard will be negotiating contracts with five of its unions this year. Given those unprecedented circumstances, union members believe contract provisions regarding health and safety, job security, and compensation will take priority, and bargaining may take place remotely. Despite the constraints and hardships COVID-19 poses on a temporary basis, its alterations to contract negotiations will likely have a lasting impact.

Garcia Peña Symposium

In late January, Harvard University's Warren Center for Studies in American History hosted a symposium on the work of Lorgia García Peña, discussing Peña's work and scholarly legacy.