Fall Trends I’ve Fallen Victim To

By Nayeli Cardozo

I fall in love with fall and the season’s staples of enchanting walks in the Mount Auburn Cemetery, charming study dates at cafes, drinks like the dirty chai from Faro Café, cozy movie nights with the roomies, and lit Marshmallow Fireside or Sweater Weather candles. At the same time, I fall victim to the new trends that it brings every year. I don’t mind in the slightest, though, so I’m not complaining! These trends are living rent-free in my mind and manifesting as my autumnal glow-up.

Cherry red nails

Is it really a new season if you don’t change your nails to celebrate? This fall, cherry red seems to be the diamond of the season. We’re being freed from the shackles of the neutrals! Need help justifying getting your nails done? You can consider a cute cherry red manicure an investment in your education because you’re going to look undeniably good holding that apple pencil. Plus, it gives you something pretty to stare at when you zone out during office hours. I may or may not be speaking from experience. It’s me, hi. I’m the problem. It’s me. Just saying, it would be a power move to listen to Maroon with these dark nails.


That’s it. Just leather. Leather everything. Leather jackets, pants, bags, shoes. Don’t get me wrong, being at this college is a dream come true, but you’re also winning in life when you find the perfect leather jacket. A slouchy leather bag could be the tote bag that you fixate on this semester your new favorite tote bag.

Knee-high boots

Throwing on some knee-high boots, or fighting your way into them, is a foolproof way to upgrade an outfit. The knee-high boots and skirt combo will never fail you. You get to stay warm while being stylish. Win, win! They make you seem like you have your life together more than you actually do. I don’t make the rules. I just automatically assume that someone with knee-high boots means business. I know those end-of-semester presentations are coming up, so buying some knee-highs might be something to consider doing!

Cowgirl copper hair

Enter the hair color sensation of this fall: cowgirl copper hair, a bold but versatile blend of caramel, brunette, and red. Full transparency, this one is a little too permanent for me to immediately adopt, but a girl can dream. The urge gets stronger with each passing moment, so stay tuned to see if I commit to the bit. We have to ask the important questions here. Does cowgirl copper clash with crimson or not? We can’t be caught lacking at Harvard-Yale.

Lectures feeling optional

Fall is falling, and so is attendance. Trying to bounce back after Halloweekend is no joke, but now it’s that point of the semester when all of a sudden, the future debates, and papers are no longer in the future. They’re in the present, and we’re in the trenches and fighting to make it to lecture. If you needed a sign to dial back in, here it is. Poll Everywhere waits for no one. :(

As heartbreaking as it is when the temperatures drop again after 70-degree days of sunshine, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being able to add some of fall’s trendiest pieces to your cart. Fall is a state of mind as much as it is a season, so let’s crush it, shall we?

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