An Ode to Sundae Sunday

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Dear Sundae Sunday,

Every Sunday night, the Sunday Scaries start to creep in, perhaps foreshadowing a long night in Lamont of psets and essays. After pushing snooze on my alarm one too many times and panicking over a morning of procrastination, I spent my entire Sunday afternoon running between comp meetings and cranking out assignments in between. Then, I realized that I forgot to clean the en suite bathroom, and groaned at the thought of spending yet another night at MQC. Not a single white space is left in my GCal for the week.

Then, a glimmer of hope returns when I remember: it’s Sundae Sunday.

Even though I spent dinner wondering how much pink is too pink for a piece of chicken, or constructing the same HUDS salad for the 100th time because “Red’s Best Catch” doesn’t look very appealing, I know that an ice cream sundae will be there to save me. With so many toppings to choose from — sprinkles, hot fudge, chocolate chips, M&Ms, whipped cream — what more could turn one’s Sunday around? With the 4:30 p.m. sunsets nowadays, I need a sundae to brighten up the night ahead.

There are a few… downsides to Sundae Sunday. For one, there’s always a long line. You’re guaranteed to see everyone you’ve ever met in that line, from that one Visitas friend to the elusive suitemate you only see huddled in Lamont at 1 a.m. grinding on their pset. Second, there’s that interesting water and ice cream concoction to “clean” the scooper that looks like sewer water. There’s also the chance that your bowl will be piping hot and turn your Sunday Sundae into Soup Sunday, which is kind of counterintuitive for a frozen dessert. However, these minor details just add to the charm of our beloved Sunday Sundae. It’s not an event for broke college students without some added mishaps.

Whether Berg dinner was enjoyable or not, Sundae Sunday never fails to bring me joy. I love debriefing the weekend with my friends and gearing up for the week ahead over a nice bowl of free (ish) ice cream. Who doesn’t love a sweet treat?

I am eternally grateful for Sundae Sunday.

With love, gratitude, (and much anticipation for next Sunday),

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