Matine Khalighi is on the Move

Freshman Matine Khalighi is one of only three undergraduate fitness instructors and teaches seven to nine classes per week.

Avi Loeb

Avi Loeb, pictured here in 2017, is a Harvard professor an astrophysicist who founded the Galileo Project, a controversial center dedicated to unearthing evidence that objects made by extraterrestrial life are in our solar system.

Avi Loeb's Galileo Project Reaches for the Stars

There may be more Earth-like planets in the universe than grains of sand on all of Earth’s beaches combined, researchers predict. “The extraordinary claim is to say that we are special and unique,” Loeb says.

Fueled by Coconuts and Adrenaline, Swati Goel '25 Lives Her 'Biggest Dream' on Survivor

For Goel, the show has been a comfort since middle school — like “chicken soup,” she says. “It’s just the thing I would watch whenever I was upset or sad.” Auditioning for the show was a bucket-list item for her.

Lindsay Sanwald, Her Loop Pedal, and Her Surf Board

A Masters of Divinity candidate graduating this spring, Sanwald lets her spirituality manifest in a variety of ways: the psychedelic indie-rock one-woman show she performs under the stage name Idgy Dean,; the Patreon account she runs to offer sermons, spiritual guidance, and meditation to monthly subscribers, and, as of late, surfing.

Benjamin Bolger

Benjamin B. Bolger holds 16 post-graduate degrees from some of academia's most prestigious institutions from Harvard to Oxford.

Nathan Mallipeddi 2

Nathan V. Mallipeddi, a student at Harvard Medical School, started the Stuttering Scholarship Alliance to help provide access to teletherapy and group therapy for people who stutter.

Around the Olympic Village with Remi R. Drolet

For Drolet, a cross-country skier from Canada and physics concentrator in Adams House, it took a while to realize he was at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. It was only when he drove past a large display of the Olympic rings lit up in the dark  that the magnitude of his accomplishment sunk in.

Georgiy Kent 3

Before the pandemic, groups of Harvard bell ringers would travel to Russia for two weeks in the summer to study bell culture, tour sites of bell production, and practice ringing bells at various monasteries around Russia.

For Ayush Noori, Juggling Freshman Year and Neurodegeneration Research

In layman’s terms, Noori defines his work as “applying cutting-edge machine learning approaches across computer vision, natural language processing, and graphed representations learning.”

Georgiy Kent 5

The original Lowell bells were gifted to the House by businessman Charles Crane, who bought them from the Danilov Monastery in Moscow in 1930. In 2008, they were replaced with replicas.

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