Marshall Ganz

Lessons Learned from a 28 Year Leave of Absence

“I wrote Harvard a letter: how can I come back and study history when I'm busy making it?” Ganz says.

Professor David Keith

Engineering the Earth

Year after year, the threat of an impending climate catastrophe looms larger in the public consciousness. David W. Keith, an applied physics professor, is working on a solution.

Rachelle Grossman

There's Always Gelt in the Banana Stand

Yiddish has become universal, operating, in Rachelle T. Grossman’s words, as “cultural capital, a cultural currency, as a symbolic language.”

Duncan Ryūken Williams

Buddhism Behind Barbed Wire

“Once she told me that story… I thought, 'One day I need to write a book about what families like hers went through.'”

Andrew Yang Portrait

Is Andrew Yang the Anti-Trump?

“I certainly do not relish being compared to Donald Trump,” Yang says in an interview with Fifteen Minutes, calling such comparisons “unfortunate, because Donald Trump gives real entrepreneurs a bad name, and entrepreneurs like myself regard him as more of a marketing charlatan than a real builder.” As he tells the crowd, “the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math.”

Harvard Art Museums Bauhaus

One Hundred Years Later, Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Lucia Moholy’s now-iconic Bauhaus images were taken and used without her consent by the renowned architect Walter A. G. Gropius.

Nejla Y. Yatkin

Painting With Motion

Slow, heavy piano notes fill the studio room in the Harvard Dance Center as the dancers unravel their bodies to the beat of the music. Among the bodies is Nejla Y. Yatkin. She moves with the rest of her students, twisting and turning as the music envelops them all.

Phil Kaye in Porter Square

How to Hold a Room in Silence

Slam poet Phil T. Kaye talks with FM about the power of performance and what it means to be creative.


Cat's-eye View

For Coleman, Catiline’s life was his own. He was no subservient, docile pet — it makes sense that the headstrong Catiline would author his own memoir. After all, as Coleman puts it: “Who can ever make a cat do something it doesn’t want to do?”

The Ivy

Harvard Meets 'Gossip Girl'

Take, for example, her depiction of Fifteen Minutes as a den of blackmail and sexual intrigue, consumed with publishing articles about whether freshman hemlines are “statistically… shorter than those of the female upperclassmen.”

Colonial Print Master

From Fortune 500 to the Freedom Trail

“But about the time I hit about 27, 28 years old, I had the idea that I wanted to do more.” Unsure of what “more” consisted of, he began with the question, “Who am I?”

Edison and Newman Room

The Yellow Sub-Basement in Houghton Library

6 Houghton librarians + a little bit of musical training = the best Beatles cover band of all time.

Jill Abramson

Jill Abramson Thinks The Anger of Women Will Save Us

"I wanted the truth. I thought that her story sounded very credible, her vivid description of what happens, how terrified she was… just the level of detail and the fact that she was so reluctant to be identified and come forward."

Kavanaugh Letters

Meet the Sociologist Studying the Brett Kavanaughs of the World

"These are formative years, and these students are learning how to interact with others and are developing incredibly powerful understandings of themselves and the world around them that they carry with them for their entire lives."

Sartorial Scholarship
Ivy League

Retaking the Ivy League

Page after page of white men wearing rugby shirts, Bermuda shorts, and boat shoes strolling around brick buildings and grassy quads...