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Eva Shang on Startups and Storytelling

Shang’s skill at shaping the narrative has served her well in the startup world. When asked about a strength that’s helped her succeed in the industry, Shang pauses for a second, and then replies, “I think I’m a good storyteller.”

The Matchmakers of Harvard Magazine

“I like the idea of personal ads, because that is exactly what they are — they’re personal,” says celebrity matchmaker Bonnie Winston, who has placed ads in Harvard Magazine since the late 2000s. “It’s a very good way for me to find quality bachelors and bachelorettes to match my clients up with."

Best Dressed: Allure Akaeze

Allure transforms pink — a soft, youthful, “girly” shade — into a color with teeth. They are a non-binary femme lesbian, and they remix the rules of femininity in order to represent their identity.

‘The White Man’s College’: How Antisemitism Shaped Harvard’s Legacy Admissions

A Harvard education has the ability to change someone’s life, and, when leveraged properly, to influence the course of the nation. But as legacy admissions favor the children of alumni — who are disproportionately white and wealthy to begin with — many are left questioning the degree to which the University can truly act as an engine of change.

LinkedIn Warriors

Armed with the skills I’ve acquired through my unemployable History and Literature concentration, I dug through the archives and rediscovered the profiles of the LinkedIn Warriors of Harvard’s past.

True Love Revolution: The Club Where Virginity Rocks

For all of my feminist beliefs, I still find myself affected by the pro-abstinence teachings that I grew up with. If the story of True Love Revolution proves anything, it’s that these sexist doctrines can spring up anywhere — whether that’s in a Southern public school or on a purportedly liberal campus like Harvard.

Teenage Dream

When I was a preteen, Rookie fueled the daydreams that I had about my incoming teenage years. I imagined warm parties, memorable misadventures, my picture-worthy prom dress. Not something perfect, but something precious that I could only access in the years between 12 and 20.

Fifteen Questions: Valeria Luiselli on the Best Novel That Has Ever Been Written, Her Friend Crush, and the Perils of an MFA

The author sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss writing and teaching. “How do we reshape the view of the migrant as an inherently victimized figure or as an intruder of sorts by thinking, for example, of migration in its kind of heroic arc?” she says. “Of the migration story not as a tragedy, but as a form of epic?"

Direct Flash

I can’t shake the fact that my love for Los Angeles Apparel opposes my self-professed feminist politics. When I add another tennis skirt to my shopping cart, I line the pockets of a man who built his career on the degradation of women.