Fifteen Superlative Seniors

allure 1

Allure transforms pink — a typically soft, demure, “girly” shade — into a color with teeth. They are a nonbinary femme lesbian, and they remix the rules of femininity in order to represent their identity.

The Life of the Party: Madison Pankey

Find her at Grendel’s on Wednesday nights, or “Grendsdays” as she enthusiastically refers to them, on Thursday nights at The Burren, an Irish pub in Somerville, and in the occasional “big functions” that pop up around campus over the weekend. But most importantly, she finds it in all the nights spent with her friends.

Most Whimsical: Jeremy Ornstein

“One of my most whimsical qualities is talking to strangers,” he says. In the summer of 2021, he walked 400 miles from New Orleans to Houston talking to strangers about climate change. “We just stopped everyone we could and talked to them — talked to a truck driver about the coastal erosion, and a guy in an excavator, and a fisherman,” he continues.

alex wright

For Alex Wright, navigating high-pressure situations is second nature. When I ask him about the most dangerous things he’s done, hot wiring a plane doesn’t even make the list.

madison pankey

“You can have fun anywhere you go, if you decide,” Madison Pankey says.

Best Advice Giver: Matilda Marcus

The term “best friend” rolls off Matilda’s tongue often. “Best Friend” — itself a superlative — implies one chosen from many, but that definition wouldn’t do for Matilda: they use the tag for many people in their life.

Isa Pena

In the fall of freshman year, Isa Peña ’23-’24 received an email from the producers of American Idol, inviting her to audition. “It was a total ‘roll with the punches’ moment. I couldn’t let an opportunity like that pass me by,” she says.

jeremy ornstein 1

“One of my most whimsical qualities is talking to strangers,” Jeremy Ornstein says.

Tatiana Miranda

Tatiana Miranda ’24 is writing a thesis about how Joker fanfiction writers, particularly those who have marginalized identities, use their writing to reckon with their experiences.

Mira-Rose Kingsbury-Lee

Mira-Rose J. Kingsbury Lee ’24, the Renaissance Person of her senior class, has written and produced three musicals at Harvard, and she’s working on a fourth: this spring’s Hasty Pudding show and brings the same enthusiasm to the microscopic organisms of our intestines as she does to the characters in her musicals.

Arjun A. Akwei 2

In Arjun's dorm is a nook with three red armchairs, a faux taxidermy deer mount, and a wall covered with a wood-patterned wallpaper to “emulate the old Harvard aesthetic,” he explains.

Most Popular: Fez Zafar

Fez is not like us. He’s not just more popular — he’s built different.

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