RIP Jefe's

Jefe’s was every student’s home away from home away from home.

Buying the UC Like Russian Oligarchy

Dear reader, I am here to ensure that this part of history does in fact repeat itself. No, no, I’m not preying on anyone’s downfall. It’s already happened! After 40 years, the Harvard Undergraduate Council has fallen. And I will certainly take advantage of this momentous opportunity to acquire some of the UC’s most coveted assets.

Remy the Cat, An Ecological Menace

With  over 12,000 followers on Instagram, Remy has undoubtedly become one of the most popular animals on campus. But his celebrity obscures  all the questionable actions that cast doubt on whether we should uplift him in the first place: is Remy really the friendly cat that he purports to be, or is he “purr” evil?

A Rat-Free Harvard: A Transformative Experience Awaits

I dream of a college experience where I can walk the streets of Mass. Ave without the fear of encountering one of these monstrous creatures careening toward me during a late-night CVS run. Even so, I know better than to underestimate what the rats around here are capable of, and I worry that our little friends here might be clever enough to evade the devices poised to eliminate them.

How to Get Lit: A Syllabus

Created in conjunction with Swae Lee himself and the elusive owner of the Harvard State Instagram account, GENED 42069: How to Get Lit will approach the most important question of Generation Z from multiple lenses: legal, psychological, and field research.

Harvard's Squirrels: A Brief Investigation

The squirrels on Harvard’s campus work tirelessly to achieve quite literally groundbreaking discoveries in the field of acorn-stashing and to innovate new styles of nest architecture.

River'd :(

I was absolutely crushed when I realized I would be *shudders* river'd.

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