Five Harvard Seniors Win Rhodes Scholarship

Five Harvard undergraduates are winners of the 2016 Rhodes Scholarship, up three from last year when two Harvard students won the award.

Learning with Experienced Speakers, Non-Native Language Students Face Challenges

While several languages at Harvard offer separate tracks for more experienced speakers, others do not divide students into different tracks, leaving some students struggling to catch up to their more experienced peers.

Professors Frustrated with Add/Drop Deadline

Although undergraduates are aware of the “fifth Monday”deadline to add or drop a course, some professors have recently expressed discontent that this deadline falls so late into the semester.

Same Story, New Book: Repackaging Humanities at Harvard

Recently, national news outlets have declared a crisis of the humanities. But at Harvard, the plot gets more complicated. The challenges facing Harvard's humanities necessitate changes to course offerings far more than the core of the humanistic enterprise.

Semitic Museum Reconstruction

The Semitic Museum on Divinity Ave., home to the Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations department and the Ashkelon excavation along with its museum galleries, remains open as an elevator is added to the building this year.

Dever Delves Deeper

Professor William G. Dever gives a talk on archaeological evidence supporting the existence of the biblical King Solomon. Professor Dever, a distinguished archaeologist with extensive experience excavating in Israel and the Near East, presented slides and discussed recent excavations of Solomonic temples and cities.

College Fills Gaps With New Concentration Offerings

If it had not been for the new architecture studies track in the History of Art and Architecture department, Benjamin Lopez ’15 would have been “pretty ready to transfer” out of Harvard.

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