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Surrounding the beautiful and exclusive Quad (country club) Lawn, Cabot House is likely to give you the single and spacious suites you have yearned for since orientation week. If that’s still not enough, the “Nutella-me-more,” a latte with nutella, will pull you in for sure.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Cabot
By Clara Baselga-Garriga and Geoffrey Martello, Crimson Staff Writers

1. With only 330 people, Cabot is the house with the most pianos per capita.
2. Cabot is also famously known for its free spaces, ranging from the Aquarium, to Cabot Café, to Cabot Theater.
3. Sporadically throughout the semester, Cabot hosts open mic nights, where you can rap about how beautiful your new home is.
4. On Sunday evenings, a Cabot member shares a personal experience with the rest of the Cabot Community in the dining hall. They call this Cabot sharing.
5. The Cabot Dining Hall staff is almost as cute as Cabot sharing, with consistently high ranking for staff friendliness.
6. Some of Cabot’s notable alumni include Helen Keller, Bonnie Raitt, Rivers Cuomo, and Soledad O’Brien.
7. The Quad is surrounded on all sides by Cabot, but they’re willing to share if you ask nicely.
8. The Cabot Dining Hall and Pfoho Dining Hall are connected via a secret passageway (aka the kitchen).
9. Cabot is basically Gryffindor. It’s colors are red and gold and Faculty Dean Rakesh Khurana is an absolute boss who takes down bad guys with style.
10. Cabot’s mascot is a fish (not Nemo, there are other fish in the sea too), so if you see a red friendly face at your door on Thursday, do not fear!

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Cabot Housing
By Clara Baselga-Garriga and Geoffrey Martello, Crimson Staff Writers

Cabot House boasts some of the most spacious housing on campus. Sophomores can expect to receive either a single off of a hallway or a suite. Those in suites might expect to share a bedroom, but housing the next two years will more than make up for it. Cabot houses the party site called the Library Suite, which seniors occupy. Does it get any more Harvard than this? Some of the suites in the house are duplexes—hope you like stairs! Just a small tradeoff for the spaciousness that comes with living in the Quad. Cabot is also home to the Aquarium, which has become a huge hit with residents and other students alike. The Aquarium can be rented by students to throw parties for the House and for organizations.


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Cabot Community
By Clara Baselga-Garriga and Geoffrey Martello, Crimson Staff Writers


Lucky for you, if you're placed in Cabot House, you’ll get to hang out with two of the coolest Faculty Deans, Rakesh and Stephanie Khurana. Cabot House also has some very unique traditions, such as Festivus, a winter celebration with a talent show and food that many from Currier and Pfoho (and maybe ever some daring River folk) try to sneak into each year. Cabot holds an annual Dutch auction, where prizes range from yoga classes to getting a drink named after you at Cabot Café. Cabot House also has an annual Cabot Musical… I guess all those pianos come in handy after all. Stein Clubs always have something on hand for sophomores who might not yet be 21. HoCo Co-Chair Alina Acosta describes Cabot as a strawberry–gorgeous (and delicious) inside and out!


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Cabot: Your Questions, Answered
By Clara Baselga-Garriga and Geoffrey Martello, Crimson Staff Writers

What should freshmen who get your House look forward to?

Cabot House has a ton of space available for incoming freshmen to take advantage of. Cabot Cafe, the Aquarium, and the Quad Lawn are huge social spaces just waiting for new Cabot residents to come and claim them.

Best memory relating to house?

HoCo Co-Chair Alina Acosta LOVES Cabot. Her favorite memory is last year’s Housing Day, and watching Rakesh and Stephanie Khurana storm the Quad to show off their Cabot pride.

If you had to liken your house to a fruit, what fruit would it be and why?

Cabot is a strawberry—beautiful on the outside and delicious on the inside. Just like the drinks at the Cafe!

Talk about your housemasters/tutors. Are you close with them?

The tutors in Cabot are very involved in House life. They lead activities on and off campus such as hiking, and you can always catch a meal with them in the Dining Hall.

If you had to change one thing about your house what would it be?

All that’s needed to make Cabot perfect is to connect the two island buildings to the rest of the House underground to avoid the winter weather.

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